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9 Best Dog Houses

Looking for a dog house for your furry companion doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. While there are multiple options available, some of the best dog houses have been listed here to help you get started. They are ranked in order of best to almost-best, taking into account the size of the dog that it can shelter and the overall durability and aesthetics.

Each product has the same details listed out for easy comparison and notes things such as if the house is meant for indoor or outdoor use, the weight of the dog that it supports, if it is heated, etc. This is followed by a brief product description and then the most relevant pros and cons for each house listed.

1. Suncast DH350

Best Dog Houses Suncast DH350

Material: Durable resin with crowned floor
Dimensions : 33 in. W x 38-1/2 in. D x 32 in. H / 83.82 x 97.79 x 81.28cm
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Weight: 30lbs
Color: Grey with Blue Roof
Heated: No
Dog Size: Up to 100 lbs

This quaint little doghouse is one of the best dog houses for large dogs. It supports dogs up to 100lbs and is easily assembled by snapping the pieces together. Is ranked the #1 best seller on Amazon for dog houses. Not only does it have vents to provide optimum air circulation, it comes with a vinyl door and letters that allow you to personalize this house to make it a home for your dog.

Built-in vents for optimum air circulation
Has a door for easy, gentle containment
Moderately lightweight compared to other models
Is not heated for use in colder temperatures
Lacks aesthetic finesse

2. Petsfit Dog House

Best Dog Houses Petsfit Dog House

Material: Kiln-dried Cedar
Dimensions(Inner size): 41.3″Lx25.8″Wx30″H / 104.14 x 65.53 x 76.2cm
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Weight: 58lbs
Color: Yellow & White; Grey; Red
Heated: No
Dog Size: up to 80lbs

This barn-like style doghouse is sure to appeal to most in search for the best dog houses. It is one of the best when it comes to cleaning, with a removable floor and hinged, slanted roof to ensure good drainage and easy access. The house itself has a raised floor to prevent moisture from accumulating inside on rainy days and the plastic feet prevent water from seeping into the cedar. As a bonus, you can purchase a separate insulation kit to keep your pet(s) nice and warm during the colder weather.

Amazon’s Choice for dog houses
Hinged roof for easy cleaning
Plastic feet to prevent moisture from seeping up into the cedar
Not heated
Insulation kit sold separately

3. ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Palace

Best Dog Houses ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Palace

Material: Molded Plastic
Dimensions: 47.5 x 31.5 x 38.5 in / 120.65 x 80.01 x 97.79cm
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Weight: 85lbs
Color: Grey/Brown
Heated: Yes, floor heated
Dog Size: 70-100lbs (approx.)

This dog house truly lives up to the ‘palace’ in the name. It is a large house that supports large dogs and is also one of the heaviest here on the list. One of the best features of this dog house is the heated floor that is also sloped towards a small drain hole to ensure quality drainage. Comes with idyllic ‘barn windows’ to keep with the theme that can be opened or closed with tools.

The heated floor can keep the doghouse at a comfortable 70°F with just a 100-watt light bulb
Heater cord portal has a rear exit to prevent people from tripping on it
The floor is sloped and has a drain hole to keep the doghouse dry
Insulation doesn’t work at well as advertised
Windows require a tool to be opened or shut

4. Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Kennel

Best Dog Houses Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Kennel

Material: Durable Plastic
Dimensions: 29 x 26 x 27 (medium) / 73.66 x 66.04 x 68.58cm
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Weight: 13lbs
Color: White with Blue Roof
Heated: No
Dog Size: up to 100lbs for largest house

This dog house could easily blend in if placed in a backyard in a home with children. Looking much like a little child’s playhouse, the durable plastic design allows for all-weather protection and supports dogs up to 100lbs. While not heated or insulated, there is plenty of room to layer in the blankets depending on the temperatures and it come in three different sizes to accommodate single dogs or pairs.

Comes in three sizes
Waterproof design protects from outdoor elements
Easy assembly
No door cover to keep pets inside
Not insulated
Does not have drain holes

5. Aspen Petbarn

Best Dog Houses Aspen Petbarn

Material: All plastic
Dimensions: 38″ X 29″ X 30″
Indoor/Outdoor: Both (outdoor is preferred)
Weight: 26lbs
Color: Dark Brown & Cream
Heated: No
Dog Size: 15 – 90lbs

Don’t let the unassuming design of this dog house mask how great it actually is. It offers not just three, but four different sizes, accommodating dogs up to 90lbs. While not heated, the extended roof guard rim and raised interior floor divert both snow and rain in order to keep your dog nice and dry. It also comes with rear-air ventilation and requires no tools to assemble.

No tools are required for assembly due to a snap-together design
Extended roof guard rim and raised floor to ensure the interior stays dry
Includes a rear-air ventilation
No door
Not insulated

6. Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame

Best Dog Houses Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame

Material: Cedar treated wood
Dimensions: 22 x 22.25 x 22.75 in (x-small) / 55.88 x 56.52 x 57.79cm
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Weight: 18lbs (x-small) – 40 lbs (large)
Color: Light cedar with black accents
Heated: No
Dog Size: 9lbs – 80+lbs

This is one of the best dog houses when it comes to looks. Made with treated cedar wood it keeps the natural wood color with black accents. The house comes in four different sizes to accommodate dogs up to 80+lbs but the weight stays pretty low with the largest house weighing just 40lbs. The wood is treated with a non-toxic weather resistant finish and the raised floor keeps your pet(s) dry.

Lightweight house perfect for docile pets
Beautiful wood finish
Non-toxic, weather resistant finish
No ventilation for hot weather
No insulation for colder temperatures
Floor is not reinforced for heavier dogs

7. Petmake Barnhome III

Best Dog Houses Petmake Barnhome III

Material: Plastic
Dimensions(Medium): 32 x 26 x 24 in / 81.28 x 66.04 x 60.96cm
Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Weight: 21.6lbs
Color: Red/black or cream/black
Heated: No
Dog Size(Medium): 15-90lbs

This dog house is proof that they are not limited to just dogs. People claim it to be one of the best dog houses for feral cats as well. While somewhat on the small and unattractive side, it accommodates pets up to 90lbs and has a real air ventilation system that works to provide the best air circulation. It is easily assembled and weighs only 21lbs (medium) for easy transportation and movement.

The top can be flipped around to provide a front and back access
Real air ventilation system
Thick, weatherproof plastic exterior
Does not have a door of any kind
Not insulated or heated for cooler temperatures

8. TANGKULA Dog House

Best Dog Houses TANGKULA Dog House

Material: High-Quality Fir Wood
Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 30 in / 76.2 x 71.12 x 76.2
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Weight(Small): 29lbs
Color: Rustic brown with a metal black accent and a red roof
Heated: No
Dog Size: up to 70lbs (x-large)

This dog house is another highly attractive addition to any backyard. It accommodates dogs up to 70lbs and comes in 3 different sizes. The eye-catching finish is also waterproof and while it doesn’t have any heating, it is large enough to have a self-insulation with blankets. The raised floor prevents water from getting inside easily and you can find clear details about the assembly in the accompanying manual.

Clear instructions for assembly
No ventilation system mentioned

9. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Doghouse

Best Dog Houses Petsfit Indoor Wooden Doghouse

Material: Natural Cedar Wood with metal ‘gate’
Dimensions(Inner size): 31.5″x21.5″x21″ / 80.01 x 54.61 x 53.34cm
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Weight: ~25lbs
Color: Grey or Unfinished
Heated: No
Dog Size: Dogs up to 30 lbs

This model is one of the best dog houses for indoor use and can blend almost seamlessly into the home environment. You can’t open the top, which makes it a perfect table in an entryway. The doghouse comes with a metal ‘gate’ that can keep a pet inside nicely. It is on the smaller side and the more delicate design works for gentler dogs up to 30 lbs. It comes in a grey finish, or you can order it unfinished if you are looking to match pre-existing furniture.

Comes with a door on the front
Can be purchased finished or unfinished
Top cannot be opened
Floor is thin


The dog houses here are some of the top ones currently available. From basic to beautiful, these models are sure to check everything off of your list and may even provide some extra perks like heated flooring to not only protect but pamper your puppy. If you have other models that have worked for you or comments regarding any of the ones that we included feel free to drop a note below!

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