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7 Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

Finding toys for your pit bull that are not shredded within a few hours (or minutes!) may seem like a full-time job. To save you time – and money – we have put together the following list of the 7 best dog toys for Pit Bulls.

These toys are ranked in order of best to almost-best. Key factors in the ranking include overall durability, how safe the toy is for your dog(s), and customer satisfaction for both owner and Pit Bull. Each toy has the same characteristics listed out first for easy toy comparison, followed by a brief summary and the top pros and cons in order to help you make the best choice for your furry friends.

1. Petstages: Dogwood Real Wood Chew Toy

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls Petstages: Dogwood Real Wood Chew Toy

Material: 100% Wood
Dimensions time: (Large): 1.5 x 1.5 x 8in / 3.81 x 3.81 x 20.32cm
Durability: 3-4 weeks depending on the dog
Weight: (Large): 6.6oz / .4lbs/ 187 grams
Color: Light brown
Flavor: Mesquite or Original
Washable: n/a

This dogwood chew toy is one of the best dog toys for pit bulls. Not only is it fairly durable (lasts about a month give or take), it is a great alternative to sticks and any furniture that is made from wood as well.

The sizes range from petite (15lbs) to large (50+lbs) and have a length of 4″ up to 8″ respectively. This toy is highly recommended for all types of dogs, but the larger size is especially good for Pit Bulls.

Made in the USA
Built-in anti-choking design that causes the stick to crumble into pieces when it breaks and/or is chewed on
Small crumbs can be ingested although this is not recommended
This toy is only available as an add-on feature for Amazon with a qualifying purchase of $25 or more
The ‘crumbs’ from broken pieces are rice-sized and difficult to clean up

2. Mary & Kate Pets Dog Rope

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls Mary & Kate Pets Dog Rope

Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions time: 25 x 6 x 1.5 in / 63.5 x 15.24 x 3.81cm
Durability: Few weeks to months depending on the dog
Weight: 15.2oz / .95lbs/ 430 grams
Color: Blue (size XL) or Green (size XXL)
Flavor: n/a
Washable: Yes

This is one of the best dog toys for Pit Bulls who like interactive playtime. Mary & Kate Pets have designed a double rope with a nice silicone handle (XXL size) that holds up well and weighs nearly a pound. For the super-shredders who may find this toy a nice chew challenge, the company also offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that will replace any rope that is destroyed.

Can be machine washable on gentle cycle
Made with non-toxic dyes
100% customer satisfaction guarantee that will replace any rope that is destroyed
Can cause damage if swung around in the house
Some dogs tend to chew through this easier than others (but in the end still makes for a nice tug-of-war toy

3. Bull Fit – Dog Bite Tug of War

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls Bull Fit – Dog Bite Tug of War

Material: Synthetic fire hose
Dimensions time: (large): 11.8 x 2.4in / 29.97 x 6.1cm
Durability: days to weeks (depends on the dog)
Weight: 6.7oz / .42lbs/ 190 grams
Color: Bright yellow
Flavor: n/a
Washable: Not recommended

This is one of the best dog toys for pit bulls as it can withstand dogs up to 200lbs. This tug of war toy is intended more for interactive use and is not recommended to use as a solo chew toy or else the durability decreases.

The fire hose material holds up fairly well to general rough and tumbles play. Additionally, the company will replace a toy if it is damaged. The intended use is for working dogs (e.g. Police K-9, Military dogs, etc), which ensures the quality is pretty high.

The company will replace if damaged
Can connect multiple toys together to form a longer, stronger rope
Not intended for use as a chew toy
Product handle is slim and can cut into your hands

4. Oneisall Durable Chew Toy Bone

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls Oneisall Durable Chew Toy Bone

Material: Nylon
Dimensions time: (large) 7.2×1.9×2.1in / 18.29 x 4.8 x 2.54cm
Durability: weeks to months
Weight: 2.56oz / .16lbs/ 72.57 grams
Color: Neon green
Flavor: Bacon
Washable: n/a

Oneisall has come out with a nice chew toy that is under-recognized due to it not being a name brand.

This neon green chew toy comes in 3 sizes (S, M, L) and is recommended for dogs from <15lbs to 60+. The medium size is recommended for Pit Bulls in the product description and ‘fits’ size 15 – 60lbs.

Additionally, given the hard nature of this toy, it is beneficial for a dog’s oral hygiene. The manufactured, bite resistant design also stands up moderately well against new puppy teeth.

Made with non-toxic materials and dyes
Materials made to be bite-resistant
Recommended for separation anxiety training
Very hard material and may be uncomfortable for dogs with sensitive teeth

5. TufToys Chew Ring

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls TufToys Chew Ring

Material: Thermoplastic rubber
Dimensions time: 14×4.5x1in / 35.56 x 12.7 x 2.54cm
Durability: ~1 month
Weight: 16oz / 1lbs/ 453 grams
Color: Translucent blue
Flavor: n/a
Washable: Can be hand wiped off

This chew ring is dynamic and bends in surprising ways to make for an interactive playtime. The flexible material aims to counter any tooth damage and resists shredding.

This is one of the best dog toys for pit bulls because it is difficult to shred. As an added bonus, this toy floats and it helps to clean your dog’s teeth while he/she plays.

Toy floats in water
Ripples on the handles clean your dog’s teeth while he/she plays
Doesn’t stand up as well to overly aggressive chewers

6. CZ Grain Deer Antler Chew Toy

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls CZ Grain Deer Antler Chew Toy

Material: Bone
Dimensions time: (Jumbo)8-11in x 1.5-2.5in / 20.32 – 27.94 x 3.81 – 6.35cm
Durability: months
Weight: <8/.5lbs/ 226 grams
Color: Natural
Flavor: Natural Bone
Washable: n/a

Selected from organic farm fields, these deer antlers are a nice alternative to chew bones. Not only do they tend to last longer, they are high in nutrients and odor free. Pit Bulls may enjoy any of the three sizes (M, L, Jumbo), although the latter is good for any dog 45+lbs.

Lasts longer than chew bones
High in nutrients
Cleans teeth and gums
Inventory is dependent on availability and not all sizes are always in stock

7. iHeartDogs Agrichew Chew Toy

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls iHeartDogs Agrichew Chew Toy

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Dimensions time: 2.75 x 2.75 x 1.1in / 7 x 7 x 2.79cm
Durability: Weeks
Weight: 5.6oz / .35lbs/ 158 grams
Color: Military green
Flavor: n/a
Washable: Yes

While last on this list, this clover-shaped chew toy is still one of the best chew toys for Pit Bulls. The most unique feature of this toy is that there is a hole in the center that you can fill with a treat (e.g. peanut butter). It is also the only toy that is FDA and RoHS compliant, according to the ads.

This toy makes a good fetch toy due to its unpredictable bounce. As an added bonus, proceeds from each purchase go to an animal shelter.

Proceeds from each purchase go to an animal shelter
FDA and RoHS compliant
Dishwasher and Washing machine safe
Scentless which can cause some dogs to lose interest faster
Materials are not as high-quality as other toys on this list


Finding the best dog toys for Pit Bulls does not need to have a large time or money investment. Knowing the kinds of toys that your dog(s) want is a great first step. After that, it’s more a matter of narrowing down how well these kinds of toys last and how safe they are for your furry friend. Use this list as a starting point, then sit back and watch your Pit Bull play happily.

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