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Play n Squeak Mouse Hunter Cat Toy Review 2018

Play N Squeak toys are well recommended for your furry friends – while marketed for cats, they amuse both cats and dogs alike. There are a number of different animals this brand of toys features (e.g. birds, mice, squirrels), but the Play N Squeak mouse hunter cat toy is one of the most engaging. These mice are built to have realistic sounds and squeak when they are touched.

Here we review the Play N Squeak mouse hunter cat toy from several perspectives. First, the general toy details are listed, followed by a summary. Next, the pros and cons are listed out, including for whom and where this toy is best suited for. The article wraps up with a summary of customer reviews, covering both good and bad reviews.

Play n Squeak Mouse Hunter Cat Toy

Breeds It Is Suitable for: Grown cats (all breeds) and some small dogs (e.g. Chihuahuas) and puppies
Toy Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.19 x 4 in / 11.43 x 3.02 x 10.16cm
Where You Can Buy It: Online, Pet stores, General stores that sell pet products
Washable: No
Color: Light brown
Weight: .02lbs / .32oz
Batteries: Yes, 1LR44 battery (watch-sized)

By far the best Play N Squeak mouse hunter cat toy, this single mouse has great reviews and you can purchase it in a number of places. Not only does this toy make noise, it contains just a pinch of catnip to keep your cat(s) even more engaged; an excellent, inexpensive investment.

In addition to having an impressive battery life, the Play N Squeak mouse hunter cat toy is also highly realistic. The small size lends itself to comfortable play anywhere in the house and you can even take it outside so long as there isn’t standing water for your cat(s) to ‘drown’ the toy in.

There one thing to keep in mind before you purchase this – especially if you have aggressive chewers (cats or dogs). The squeaker is pretty small (~½” wide and ¼” thick) and the batteries have a watch size. Make sure to keep an eye out if you suspect your pet(s) may want to chew this part out as the small parts are a potential choking hazard. Aside from this though, it’s an excellent toy!

Contains catnip to keep your cat(s) engaged
Impressive battery life for the built-in squeak sounds
Recommended for small homes and/or apartment due to the small nature of the toy
Does not move on its own (the battery only powers the sound)
Is not waterproof and water exposure tends to mess up the squeak sound
Not recommended for homes with large dogs and/or aggressive chewers as they are prone to biting into the battery compartment

What the User Reviews Say

The Good

Highly interactive and even small dogs enjoy chasing and playing with the toy

The battery life is impressive and can last for weeks into months depending on how often your cat(s) engage with the toy

The toy only squeaks when you play with it, which makes them extra tantalizing for the cats

The squeak is not loud at all

Great size, small enough for cats to play with and not cause accidents in homes or apartments of any size

The Bad

  • Batteries not easily replaceable when the squeaker dies
  • There is no ‘off’ button which can be an issue if your cat(s) play with these toys at all hours of the night.
  • If you have aggressive chewers, make sure to monitor their use since these toys are small enough a good strong bite can access the battery compartment
  • The catnip scent is not too strong and can almost seem non-existent (both a good and bad thing depending on your cat)


The Play N Squeak brand is truly one of the leaders when it comes to interactive cat toys and this Play N Squeak Mouse Hunter cat toy is no exception. With lifelike size, sound and texture this is a great investment for your cat(s) of any shape and size. If you have any additional comments or have notes on other mouse hunter toys you have used feel free to share your experience below!

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